About Us

RealSim are passionate about the empowering capabilities of merging technologies from high-end game engines with 3d survey data and graphic design. RealSim have been innovators in this field for the past 8 years and have been acknowledged as such by our piers in industry with multiple awards for our city, marine and heritage environment applications. The success of RealSim to date is built upon the skills and expertise of our talented team, who together have over 20 years experience in various 3D visualisation and spatial technologies. The RealSim team is made up of the following people.

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RealSim Director Gavin Duffy, receives the award for
Best Emerging ICT Company 2011, from Pat O'Grady Enterprise Ireland

Gavin Duffy – Managing Director

Gavin has a background in geophysics and spent 10 years in industry and academia, working in Canada, Spain, Australia and Ireland. It was while researching how to extract 3-dimensional information from photography that he discovered the potential of gaming technology for real world 3D simulations. In 2008 he set up RealSim Limited, initially providing a powerful planning and communication tool to the planning and development community, but later expanding their services to the marine, archaeological, industrial and medical device sectors. Gavin also manages, RealSim Games which was established to commercialise RealSim's R&D in 3D apps and games.

Eoghan Quigley – Chief 3D Graphic Designer

Eoghan is RealSIM’s chief graphic designer. He has over 10 years experience of modeling for realtime 3D visualisation in the gaming industry. He has brought this experience to bear in the modeling of real world environments and has to date applied detailed modeling and photo-realistic detail to many square kilometers of urban environments in Ireland. He was also the main graphic designer on the much acclaimed Secrets of the Stones RTE documentary, re-creating some of Irelands best known historical Christian sites.

Dr. Paul Smith – Senior Developer and Technical Officer

Paul completed his PhD at NUI Galway on Virtual Environments, interaction and computer graphics. He has more than 7 years experience in the use of a variety of programming languages (C/C++, javascript, C#, Python) in game development and research and has worked on the development of a massively multiplayer online strategy game “Dark-Wind:War on Wheels“ (recently favorably reviewed on PC Gamer UK (8/10)) and a number of recent IOS and Android titles with Dr. Sam Redfern, director of Psychic Software Ltd. Paul’s PhD involved the proof of application of real-time automatic facial expression recognition technology to online and remote work tools, where he developed a prototype emotion tracking software agent (ETA) and integrated it within an existing collaborative virtual environment in order to assess its benefits to online multitasking collaborating virtual teams.

James Peyton - Computer graphics developer

James developed his first 2D app ‘Visit Galway’ for his final year degree project. He has since been learning the fine art of 3D modelling and we are looking forward to show casing his first 3D app in the not too distant future. He is also a talented guitar player and is one half of the musical duo ‘Shape of a Sandwich’.

Robyn Mason - Marketing Exec

Robyn has worked as an archeologist and excavated and researched archaeological sites in Belize, Guatemala, Cambodia, Thailand, the UK and Ireland. Her research focused on the interaction between people and place, the conflicts which arise and how the governing bodies within the heritage sector engage with this process. She holds a Ba in Archaeology and an MA in Public Archaeology from University College London and an MA in Landscape Archaeology from NUI, Galway.

Colin Smith - Developer

Colin holds a first class Masters in Computing from GMIT. He has a number of years experience in the use of a broad array of standard and Object Oriented programming languages. As part of the research portion of his M.Sc. Colin wrote a research paper titled "An evaluation of a modified PseudoThread algorithm for concurrency handling in the ActionScript 3.0 programming language.". In this paper he conducted an investigation into a number of algorithms that present a possible solution to the non-concurrency of the ActionScript 3.0 programming language and evaluated these algorithms in comparison to the equivalent concurrent approach used in the Java programming language.