“The RealSIM University 3d model offers quick and user-friendly access to the complex design and planning issues to technical and non-technical participants and stakeholders”.
Greg Power, Planning Officer, NUI Galway

“Realsim have opened up an integrated world of 3D visualisation capabilities that can now be used for demonstrating the vision for Dublin Airport to all stakeholders both internally and externally.”
Ronan Furlong, Senior Development Manager, Dublin Airport Authority

“I am writing to thank you for the co-operation and input you had into Secrets of the Stones: Decoding Ireland’s Lost Past. The show was premiered in October at MIPCOM – the International TV Festival in France, and so far 14 networks from around the world, ranging from WGBH in the USA to Taiwanese national TV have expressed interest in transmitting the finished series. None of this would have been possible without your input and expertise.”
Colm Crowley, Series Producer, RTE.

“Your simulation is unreal! During one of my presentations with your interactive 3D model, a member of the audience thought I was showing them a live video feed and proceeded to wave at the screen when I showed them the building we were in! Well done! I think you have a great product.”
Brian Sheridan, Galway Harbour Master

Apica CardioVascular

We are medical start-up developing new technology never before tested in the market. As such we rely heavily on professional animations to communicate the core features of our technology for raising finances, medical conference presentations, and physician training. We were impressed with the speed, cost effectiveness and quality of work delivered by RealSim. Their high quality animation contributed significantly to the positive feedback we received during a recent medical device conference with more than 1,000 surgeons in attendance. We would highly recommend them to any medical device company.
James L Greene, CEO, Apica Cardiovascular Limited.